Alternative Uses for the Boss BR-1600CD in a DAW Studio Environment

An Application Note by Gene Cookmeyer

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At Top Sound Productions, we use the Boss BR-1600CD as our mobile recording platform. But in-house, we use Cakewalk Sonar Producer software with an audio interface in our DAW computer. Why? Because we prefer the Cakewalk Software Interface for recording, editing and post-production. Point-and-click GUI, flexible effects insertion, infinite tracks – these are all positives to using a Cakewalk Sonar Computer-Based DAW to do recording.

When we’re not recording off-site, we’re always looking to get the most out of our hardware and software tools. In our studio, we have a large variety of audio tools at our disposal, yet it’s always good to have a few extra tools or outboard processors, should the situation present itself that it is needed. This application note suggests alternative ways we use the BR-1600CD in our studio in combination with our Computer-Based DAW.

The BR-1600CD as a Guitar Effects Module

The BR-1600CD offers an Acoustic Guitar Simulator, Acoustic Processor, Bass Simulator, COSM effects inherited from the GT-6 including Overdrive/Distortion models (including the Boss OD-1 and Ibanez Tubescreamer), Chorus, Delay, Tremelo, all 7 WAH models of the GT-6, among other effects, and all 30 COSM amp models of popular and vintage amplifiers modelled by the GT-6. The DIGITAL out connector of the BR-1600 can be hooked up to the SP/DIF interface of a computer-based DAW audio card, for digital, noise free recording.

The BR-1600CD as a Drum/Bass Machine

Of course the BR1600-CD is a full blown Drum and Bass machine that allows for Real-Time Recording and Erasing, Step-Recording, and various editing features. The Bass machine allows you to define your own Bass patterns, and arrange them (with the drums) into complete songs with chord progressions defined.

The BR-1600CD as Additional Recording Tracks for your DAW

Recording more instruments than you have inputs into your DAW? Maybe you need just 1 or 2 (or 8) additional tracks for recording. How about recording them on the BR-1600CD, then using WAV-MAKER-1600 convert them to WAV and import the tracks into your DAW project? All you have to do is record them, convert the WAV files, and “Slide” the tracks into their appropriate time-sync spot.

The BR-1600CD as an External Effects Device

Suppose you need another compressor for your recording project, and you don’t have an unused one in your rack… Why not use the BR-1600CD? The unit can function as a two-input two-output effects device incorporating effects such as EQ, compression, or use the BR-1600CD as your voice channel processor to your DAW using the VOCAL MULTI insert effect. A variety of effects are available to make your BR-1600CD function as an external effects processor into your DAW. You split your inputs and can even record your vocals + and acoustic guitar effects/simulator. Just pan your inputs left and right and record the two line-outs as separate channels on your computer-based DAW. The DIGITAL out connector of the BR-1600 can be hooked up to the SP/DIF interface of a computer-based DAW audio card, for digital, noise free recording.


Of course everything has limits, so we’ve tried to identify a few of the “gotchas” that come with these free, alternate uses of the BR-1600CD detailed here.

Happy Recording!


P.S. If you identify any other alternative uses for the BR-1600CD, send us an e-mail and let us know!

BR-1600CD is a trademark of Boss Corporation

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