How to Make Post-Production Easier for Live Events Recorded on a BR-1600CD

An Application Note by Gene Cookmeyer

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The Boss BR-1600CD is, in our opinion, the best 8-track mobile recording platform that you can buy today. At Top Sound Productions, we use the Boss BR-1600CD as our mobile recording platform for a multitude of reasons, but combined with our software utility WAV-MAKER-1600, post-production of live events could never be more easier or more time-efficient.

In events involving live music, there are typically breaks between songs. These breaks are natural "pausing" or "stopping" points for live audio recording, because typically live audio recordings are done for the music and the desire to produce a CD of the live event, or a number of songs recorded during the live event.

During mix-down, the engineer's job is typically to find the starting points and ending points of all the CDs.  This typically involves the fast-forward and rewind buttons being used, listening to the audio, using the buttons again, and so on....  Typically time consuming as well as a boring task for the engineer.

When the author starting developing WAV-MAKER-1600 and investigating the way that the Boss BR-1600CD stored its audio tracks in its project folders, we stumbled across an interesting characteristic during the testing of the BR-1600CD: Whenever we stopped recording after one song and started recording again before the next song, the BR-1600CD would automatically start recording a set of new Audio files in the project folder.  This led us to the idea of providing the "Multi-Song Performance with Start/Stops" conversion option in the WAV-MAKER-1600.

Basically the process is simple:

  1. Record the first song of the live event.
  2. Stop recording after the song is competed.
  3. Start recording before the next song starts.
  4. Repeat this process for each song.

Back in the Studio during post-production:

  1. Copy the project folder from the Boss BR-1600CD to the computer and run WAV-MAKER-1600 against the project folder. 
  2. Select the "Multi-Song Performance with Start/Stops" option before clicking the "Convert!" button.
  3. Convert all the files.
  4. WAV-MAKER-1600 automatically creates file names that are "sectionalized" to each song of the live event.  The file names are named SECT_ssss_TRACK_nnnn.WAV where ssss is a section number (lower numbers are earlier in the performance) and nnnn is a track number.
  5. Now you can import a very specific song into your PC Audio Editing and Processing Software.

The result of this process: Time-Saved.   Multiply that by several live events and "Time-Saved is Money Earned".

Happy Recording!


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