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Software Updates

Software updates and patches can be found on our Updates page.

User's Manuals

The WAV-MAKER-1600 Software User's Manual can be downloaded here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you take credit card payments for studio services?

Answer: Yes, for online payments only.  Simply contact us and we can invoice you directly via e-mail for the studio services you desire and you can pay for your services online with a major credit card or Paypal account.  A Paypal account is NOT required.

2. Does WAV-MAKER-1600 support other products like the Roland VS-840, Boss BR-1180CD, Boss BR-864, Boss BR-532, BR-600 or BR-900?

Answer: Partially.  Currently we support only the Boss BR-1600CD and the Boss BR-1200CD.   For the the BR-864, BR-532, BR-600 and BR-900 you can download a free application from Roland's website for these platforms.  For the BR-1180CD, the BR-1600CD provides the ability to import 1180CD projects.  Once imported you can use WAV-MAKER-1600 on the BR-1600CD project.

3. Does WAV-MAKER-1600 really save you that much time?  I mean, can't I just use the standard Export to WAV function of the BR-1600CD?  Or what about exporting to a CD?


Run this little test for yourself and time each step: 

a) Hook up the BR-1600CD to your computer through USB, and copy off the project folder to your PC.

b) Now copy the folder you just copied to the same drive, under a different folder name (this is simulating the conversion process).

c) Add 30 seconds, no maybe worst-case 1 minute, to steps a and b to account for executing the WAV-MAKER-1600 utility and selecting the source and target folders for conversion.  Now you have the approximate time of how long it would take to do the conversion with WAV-MAKER-1600.

d) Now following the instructions (USB WAV export or DATA SAVE to CD-R/RW) or in your Boss BR-1600CD manual and export ALL tracks (including all VTRACKS if there are any) that are in your project.  When your stopwatch reaches the same time as steps a-c, just go ahead and stop the process and order a copy of WAV-MAKER-1600.   The time savings should be obvious at this point.  Plus you don't consume any CDs, saving you money in the process. 

4. Do you take credit cards for the purchase of WAV-MAKER-1600?

Answer: Yes.  We currently take online orders using any major credit card and also via Paypal which is a fast, free and secure way for paying.   A Paypal account is NOT required to make a purchase.

5. Once I've placed my order, how quickly does WAV-MAKER-1600 ship?

Answer: Generally most shipments are prepared in the evening once an order is received, and shipped the next day.  The only exceptions so far have been holidays, weekends, or days involving business travel.

6. Can I download WAV-MAKER-1600 once I've paid for it?

Answer: Our current fulfillment process requires us to physically prepare each CD in a custom manner for each customer and ship it out the door.  If you have an urgent need for the software, contact us and we can work out a supplemental and faster way to get you your WAV-MAKER-1600 software.

7. When I go to install an WAV-MAKER-1600 software program I get a message that says "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT.  The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and MICROSOFT WINDOWS applications" and installation stops.

Note that a slight variation may also occur: The file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG.NT may be referenced in the error message.

Explanation: This is a known problem with XP SP2. Apparently XP SP2 corrupts or deletes several files including "autoexec.nt" and "config.nt" which are needed to run MS-DOS and 16-bit Windows programs. Earlier versions of WAV-MAKER-1600 used a 16-bit version of InstallShield, however the most recent version of the WAV-MAKER-1600 installation is a 32-bit version that doesn't experience this problem. If you are experiencing this issue please contact support on the Contacts page to get the most recent version of the installation.

Resolution: Please do the following:

  1. From My Computer or Windows Explorer, go to your Windows\System32 directory (probably "C:\Windows\system32") and see if the files "autoexec.nt" and "config.nt" exist. If they do, you should back them up (either copy them elsewhere or rename them).
  2. Go to your Windows\Repair directory (probably "C:\Windows\Repair") and copy the files "autoexec.nt" and "config.nt".
  3. Paste those files into your "C:\Windows\System32" directory.
  4. Try installing again (i.e. run "Setup.exe" from the CD or DVD).

8. What advantage does WAV-MAKER-1600 offer over any freeware or shareware tools available?

Answer: First of all, there are no other conversion utilities that directly support the BR-1600CD project file format like WAV-MAKER-1600.  You may be able to find utilities to convert the audio in the project folder, but WAV-MAKER-1600 fills in the remaining pieces - time-aligning all the tracks, reconstructing the song from all the edits you've done, compensating for starting and stopping the recording during live performances, properly labeling each track number and virtual track to match that of the BR-1600CD - a true swiss army knife exclusively for BR-1600CD/BR-1200CD projects and debugged through years of use in Top Sound Production's mobile recording business.  And all behind an easy-to-use user interface.  You couldn't ask for more!

Support Related Announcements

WAV-MAKER-1600 Version 1.1 Patch is now available. This can be downloaded from the Updates page.  If you have purchased WAV-MAKER-1600 after February, 2005, you already have the latest version.

Install WAV-MAKER-1600 as Administrator on Windows Vista and Windows 7

Depending on the configuration of your system you may need to manually run SETUP.EXE from the install CD as "Administrator". If the product doesn't work initially, first verify you entered your product key correctly, and then re-install the software by right clicking on the file SETUP.EXE and select "Run as Administrator".

All Other Support Issues

Should you have any WAV-MAKER-1600 support issues, please e-mail us at and we'll respond to your question as soon as possible.

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