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Here what just a few of our customers are saying about us:


Top Sound Productions has done a fine job recording a live performance and presenting us with well produced demo CD. Working with Top Sound Productions has been an excellent experience that we would gladly repeat.

---Arch Altman, The Soul Searchers, Raleigh, NC

Recording with Top Sound Productions allows a band to achieve a professional sounding recording at a price that's easy to afford. Their equipment is state-of-the-art and their years of experience are invaluable. Our demo CD sounds great and we would contact Top Sound Productions for any of our future recording, engineering, or producing needs.

---John Benning, Cabin Fever, Louisville, NC

I can hardly believe the difference. This is absolutely amazing in that I can play this on my stereo or in my car, as well as on my computer, and don't have to touch a dial at all. Somehow you have taken this and really made it "playable". Looking beyond the music, I can see now, how mastering has to be part of the process of putting music out for others to listen to. Now, some of the science is starting to show.

---Chris Mracna, Musician, Indianapolis, IA

Gene was a pleasure to work with. He helped me finish up my final senior project in the animation department at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I had a lot to do with very little time. He was efficient, and took direction well, and helped to create a mood and feel to the piece that couldn't have been created any other way. Thanks again Gene.

---sEan DaNYi , Animator, Savannah, GA

WAV-MAKER-1600 is saving me literally hours off of my recording projects. And because I can now use that time to work on the tracks rather than sit and wait for files to copy, it's making me money as well. The customer support I received from Top Sound Productions (thanks Gene) was second to none. When the program didn't initially fit my needs it was tweaked within a week's time to give me exactly what would get the job done. I can't recommend WAV-MAKER-1600 enough. Whether you're recording to make money, or just to make your music, this program can get you to your goal much faster.

--- Chad Huskey, Musician & Recording Engineer

We recorded our demo at Top Sound. The experience was outstanding and the product was nothing less than perfection. Right away Top Sound’s professionalism got the project off the ground with clear structure and know-how. I was very impressed by the way Gene involved himself with the music and used his musicianship to get what he wanted out of every take. It was like having an extra member in the band but one who is an expert on studio recording! The ability of Top Sound to produce high quality studio recording will keep us coming back.

--- Jeremy Blair, Durham NC

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