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WAV-MAKER-1600 Performance Statistics

The following table represents some benchmarks comparing conversion time to WAV using the built-in BR-1600CD/1200CD export function versus using WAV-MAKER-1600 to do conversion directly off BR-1600CD/1200CD over USB.

Built-in BR-1600CD Export*


% Improvement
in time saved

Demo Song - Baby Calls

2029 seconds
(33 mins 49 secs)

480 seconds
(8 mins 0 secs)


Demo Song - If I Fall

1833 seconds
(30 mins 33 secs)

477 seconds
(7 mins 57 secs)


Demo Song - Wide Stretch

1397 seconds
(23 mins 17 secs)

303 seconds
(5 mins 3 secs)


Demo Song - Golden

982 seconds
(16 mins 22 secs)

248 seconds
(4 mins 8 secs)


1 hour, 39 minute
2-track performance

4765 seconds
(79 mins 25 secs)

1366 seconds
(22 mins 46 secs)


1 hour, 57 minute
8 track performance

23576 seconds**
(6 hours 32 mins 56 secs)

6088 seconds
(1 hour 41 mins 28 secs)


* It is important to note that the BR-1600CD export process is at a minimum a two-step process: (1) the export step in which the BR-1600CD prepares the WAV file(s) and then mounts itself as a USB hard disk for the PC, and (2) the Windows copy steps.   Because the Windows copy step requires a person to be involved there may be more time required than displayed above to complete the export unless a person is physically at the BR-1600CD as soon as the first phase of the export process completes.   All times above in the Built-in BR-1600CD Export column are best case with 0 seconds between steps.

** Due to the length of the performance, the BR-1600 required exporting track 1-8 individually and copying them individually.  This is the only way we found successful in getting the tracks off using the BR-1600CD export feature.   The BR-1600CD reported HDD Full! each time we tried to export all tracks or stereo (i.e. 1/2) tracks, even though we only had 5GB of the 40GB internal hard drive used.   To verify these results, we backed up our project, reformatted the internal hard drive, and restored the single project folder containing the performance -the result was the same HDD Full! error whenever we tried to export more than one track at a time.  The resultant export process requires 16 manual steps to complete (see note * above) with 16 possible delays of time between steps. 

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