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How WAV-MAKER-1600 helps you save Time

WAV-MAKER-1600 makes the process of converting your recorded tracks to .WAV files very simple:
  1. After recording the performance you're interested in converting to WAV files,  follow the directions on page 242 of your BR-1600CD owner’s manual “Backing up the BR-1600CD’s data”.  By the way, see "How to Make Post-Production Easier for Live Events Recorded on a BR-1600CD" for some ideas on further saving time.
  2. At this point, the BR-1600CD appears as a removable hard disk to your PC.  You can either use WAV-MAKER-1600 to convert the project folder directly from the BR-1600CD, or first copy the project folder to your PC.  Converting directly from the BR-1600CD is fastest, avoiding the copy time, but alternatively first copying the project folder insures you've backed up your project in case of a hard disk failure of the BR-1600CD.
  3. Run WAV-MAKER-1600
  4. Specify the Source Directory for the BR-1600CD project folder. 
  5. Specify the Target Directory for the converted files. 
  6. Click Convert.  WAV-MAKER-1600 creates WAV files for each Track it finds in the project folder.
  7. Once the conversion is completed, you’re ready to import these WAV files into any Audio Editing or Composition software. Then mix down, automate your mix, master your recording or whatever your heart desires.

It’s as simple as that. 

Want even more details?  Take a look at the User's Manual.

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