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User Testimonials

But don't just take our word for it... WAV-MAKER-1600 is currently in use across the globe, from the US & Canada, to the countries of the European Union, all the way to the land "down under" Australia.

Here's what some of our users are saying about WAV-MAKER-1600:

"I love the fact that I can record mobile with my BR-1600, come home and blow the tracks into ProTools, or SONAR, or even e-mail tracks back and forth to my clients. Dumping the files off the BR used to take all day, and what's worse, I'd have to be there to push buttons. WAV-MAKER-1600 accomplishes this in an unattended, automated process. If you have a BR-1600 and use a computer for mixdown, stop wasting time and get WAV-MAKER-1600 right now." - Vernon Anderson, Musician/Producer BMI.

"WAV-MAKER-1600 is saving me literally hours off of my recording projects. And because I can now use that time to work on the tracks rather than sit and wait for files to copy, it's making me money as well. The customer support I received from Top Sound Productions (thanks Gene) was second to none. When the program didn't initially fit my needs it was tweaked within a week's time to give me exactly what would get the job done. I can't recommend WAV-MAKER-1600 enough. Whether you're recording to make money, or just to make your music, this program can get you to your goal much faster." - Chad Huskey, Musician & Recording Engineer

"What a wonderful software! Very easy to use. With the WAV-MAKER-1600, its a pleasure to work with the export function of the BR-1600CD. Your product is really highly recommendable for BR-1600 Users. Im not only happy with the product, but also with the whole transaction." - Dr. Bernd Michael Sommer, a WAV-MAKER-1600 user in Germany

"The BR-1600CD is a great machine, but your software makes it a super machine! I bought your software on EBay thinking that for 39 bucks, I'll give it a try. "I can't get hurt too bad"! So, I manufactured a tune with tons of drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. I didn't scrimp on the effects either. I even threw in some pretty bad squeakers and left them there just for good measure. I then pulled up WAV-MAKER-1600 and converted. I thought to myself "This is too easy and the software is too cheap". I am assuming that only really bad things are going to happen. Once converted, I burned all of the tracks to a CD and took it to a friend of mine who has a nice studio and utilizes ProTools. Frankly, he was much more skeptical than I was about the "conversion". He pulled it up and there it all was. Every single track, just as I recorded them. They were all there. He mixed it down and even took care of the squeakers. I was impressed, but he was floored! It has basically turned my Volkswagen into a Porsche! Simply put if you own a BR-1600CD, this piece of software should be all but a requirement."  - Dane Scott Stephens, a WAV-MAKER-1600 user in Texas

"I recently purchased a Boss BR-1200CD Studio and I was blown away by its features for recording. Then came the hard part, editing. It was taking sooo long to transfer files from the machine to the pc for editing and mastering. I went on the Yahoo BR-1600 user group forum and saw that some were using the WAV-MAKER-1600 to transfer all their song data in an easy step. 'Great', I thought, 'but I have the BR1200, not the BR-1600.' With the help from Topsoundproductions.com, I was excited to find out that the WAV-MAKER-1600 works for the Boss BR1200CD too! The first time I used the software was so easy and quick I thought I did something wrong. I hadn't done anything wrong, it just did everything in one step what use to take me hours. Thanks, Gene!" - Robert, a BR-1200CD user from North Carolina

"The WAV-MAKER program has considerably reduced the conversion time changing the BR files into .wav files. I especially like the ability to take whole sections of, say a rehearsal, and by using the stop start setting on the WAV-MAKER app you can load the whole rehearsal off of one song file and the conversion separates the .wav files (as long as you start and stop the BR between each tune) for each rehearsed tune. I loaded one "song" that was a compilation of about 8 tunes into the WAV-MAKER and it converted the files and separated the 8 tunes in around a minute and a half. Then loaded them into Cakewalk for a quick mix-down so the band could hear the tunes that needed more work. A definite time saver and excellent program!!" - Drew Slusser, a BR-1600CD user in California

"Thank you Gene, the program works flawlessly. It is good to know there are still good honest businesses out there like Top Sound Productions. Thank you for the notification about the late shipment. The item arrived exactly when you said. I'll enjoy saving time recording with this program." - Bryan Geiger, a WAV-MAKER-1600 user in California.

"Thank You! This is GREAT! I must say Roland should thank you for supporting their hardware. This function should be a no brainer! Anyways, it works beautifully and is a MUST HAVE for anyone who uses one of these 1600 machines for tracking, in my opinion it saves the format." - Doug Colosio, a BR-1600CD user in California

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